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Burns to your skin can be very painful and can lead to serious injury.

Burns to your eyes can be catastrophic.

Toxic fumes can cause serious harm.

Flying objects such as wire ends etc. can cause painful and serious injuries.

From this you might think that building Electronic Kits is a risky and highly dangerous pass-time, it can be if you are careless.


As with all activities, if you are foolish then there is a good chance you will get hurt. Would you try to cross a busy highway with your eyes closed??     Of course you wouldn’t.

So when building your Electronic Kit you will be mindful that Soldering Irons and Solder are used at High Temperatures !!!!!!

Soldering Irons can remain hot for many minutes after being turned off. Never touch the tip to see if it is hot. Place the tip on a wet pad to test for temperature.

Wearing safety eyewear will also protect your eyes from flying objects and at only a few dollars from your local hardware store they are cheap insurance.

Remember, it is nice to have all your fingers and both eyes in working order for all of your life, be careful and be safe.


Now Soldering is a very important part of building Electronic Kits, it can be a very detailed procedure, it fact it takes up an entire TAFE subject, but I am sure you don’t want to endure weeks of lessons just to learn how to solder.

By the way the word “Solder” has an “L” in it and it isn’t silent so the word is pronounced SOL-DER, will all Americans please practice saying this, SOL-DER, SOL-DER.

Now we can begin with the basics.

The main way to become a good at soldering is practise, so the more joints you solder the better you will get.

Getting started,

  1. With the component lead t hrough the hole in the PCB trim off the lead so that the amount left exposed is approx. twice the diameter of the lead.
  2. Place a hot and clean iron against the lead and track as in Fig. 1.

    Fig. 1. Form a heat bridge

3. Create a heat bridge between the lead, the PCB pad and the iron by    placing a small amount of solder on the tip.

4. Then apply the solder around the outside edge of the pad as in Fig. 2. If the pad and lead are at the correct temperature, the solder will flow from the  point of contact to the wire. Keep the solder flowing until it rises to half the wire height.

Fig. 2. Wiping the solder around the work

5. Remove the solder and then remove the iron. Fig. 3. & Fig. 4.

Fig 3. Remove the solder

Fig. 4. Remove the iron

6. Allow the joint to cool and visually inspect for defects or other problems. You should have a solder joint with a bright shiny finish and a profile like that shown if Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Solder quantity

And that is the basics.