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G’Day again, in this installment I will attempt to prevent you from making some of the most frequent “Monumental Stuff Ups” in building electronic kits.

The very first and most important one is to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS yes, I know this is BORING and we usually only read the instructions when all else fails BUT reading them first can save you a lot of embarrassment.

Second, observe the polarity. You will notice on a number of electronic items there are little plus and minus signs, these show us which way around they MUST be connected. Putting them in the wrong way round has it’s consequences, varying from just not working up to a large flash and bang.

I have had the unpleasant task of picking pieces of capacitor out of my face as a result of testing a siren unit assembled by a co-worker who had failed to observe the fact that tantalum capacitors are polarized and must only be connected one way.

When I powered up the unit to test and align it, BANG!!, four capacitors exploded simultaneously right in front of my face. Not a good look, needless to say my co-worker was suitable punished.

(for details visit

So when you are building your electronic kits please make sure you observe these simple rules and as an added safety measure a pair of safety glasses should be worn when first powering up a newly built electronic kit, just in case.