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G’Day, I have been into Electronics for over 35 years and in that time I have gained much knowledge on the practical aspects involved in the design and construction of various Electronic Circuitry.

So, if you have an interest in building Electronic Kits you have come to the right place.

Here I intend to show you all the Tips and Tricks involved in making sure your kit works properly first time and doesn’t just become a useless pile of electronic junk, I will also let you know the stuff ups I have made to save you making them too.


1#. Find a suitable Electronic Kit.

One of the Key considerations is that you purchase a kit that is suitable for YOU.

If you are just starting out then it is wise to buy a kit that is designed for a beginner level of proficiency, start small and move up.

Buy a kit from a reputable stockist, that way if you have any problems with the kit contents you can get it sorted easily.

2#. Have a proper workspace.

It is essential that you have a proper place to work on your Electronic Kit.

You will need a place to spread out your parts, have the tools you need handy as well as having good lighting and ventilation.

If you have your own workshop, GREAT, but most of us will have to make do with using a desk or table in our bedrooms or family rooms.

You will need somewhere to sit as you will probably be spending a lot of time at your hobby, make it comfy.

Make sure you have plenty of light, Electronics has lots of really small bits that test your eyesight so if your workspace is dimly lit you will get heaps of eyestrain and headaches which is NOT fun.

You also need good ventilation as breathing in heaps of solder fumes is not good.

3#. Have the proper tools.

You don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars on tools to build Electronic Kits. Most kits can be put together with only a few relatively cheap tools, the main ones being,

Small side cutters

Small needle nosed pliers

Small flat blade & Philips head screw drivers

A good quality 40-60Watt Soldering Iron

This last item is very important, there are many cheap irons on the market, and most of them are garbage. When I first started making kits I bought a $20 iron and was totally frustrated by my inability to solder properly I nearly gave up on electronics altogether Then I went out and bought a good quality iron and realized it was not me that was the problem, it was the iron that was rubbish.

4#. Be Prepared.

The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”; this is a valuable lesson in most areas of life and quite true with Electronic Kits.

Before you start make sure you have everything you need and it is all within easy reach.

Open your kit and examine the contents, make sure you have ALL the parts.

Most important, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS Yes, I know that it is uncool to read the instructions unless all else fails, But, this simple step can save you from making some very embarrassing mistakes, so I advise reading them thoroughly before you do anything else.

5#. Cleanliness.

They say Cleanliness is next to Godliness, I don’t know how true that is but I do know that electronics HATE dirt. Even the oils from fingerprints stop solder from properly adhering to the parts, so keep handling to a minimum and clean things before you solder them, component leads can be easily cleaned by holding the body and scraping them in the jaws of your pliers and circuit board pads can be cleaned with a pen type eraser or steel wool. Be VERY careful however as steel wool can lose strands that will short-circuit your project. Make sure that you never clean off any protective coatings on the circuit board, that would be bad as they are there for a reason.

6#. Take your time.

There is no need to rush, it is very doubtful that anyone will die because your kit is not finished in ten minutes flat. This is not a race.

Rushing things only leads to big mistakes, remember you want a kit that works properly NOT a big flash and bang when you first switch it on.

7#. Enjoy.

If you follow these instructions you should end up with a working kit and have lots of fun both building it and showing it off to your friends and family who will probably think you are extremely clever.

I will be adding many more hints and tips to this page as I get the time so please bookmark this site and return regularly so I can update you, until then, Have Fun.

Last but not least I would like to thank my High School Teacher, Edward L. “Ted” Irving, who started off my love of Electronics.